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    Hello! My name is Sara and I am the owner of Simply Sara Photography. I'm based in Billings, Montana and specialize in wedding photography, but I also do portrait photography for high school seniors and families. If you like what you see in my portfolio, send me a message on the contact page and we'll get you scheduled for your session! Hurry because dates fill up fast!

Kelsey + Logan :: {Winter Engagement Session}

Even though it feels like winter is never going to end in Montana, I kind of don’t mind it! We’ve had snow coverage since November which has made for some beautiful backdrops for shoots. Kelsey & Logan’s engagement session was one to add to the list! Even though we couldn’t feel our fingers by the end, I think the photos were totally worth it! These two were all about snuggling!


Kelsey + Logan

The Proposal Story: Logan took Kelsey for a hike to one of their favorite spots and told her to dress nice because he planned on taking photos when they got there — so sneaky, but also very thoughtful! They made it to the waterfall and he set up the camera. Kelsey was trying to round up her dog and when she turned back around, there was Logan with the ring. I think her exact words were, “OH F***!!” so I guess you could say she was shocked & excited all at the same time! Aren’t they just the cutest couple ever?!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for their wedding in July!!

I knew that I would get along with these two the second that I met them! Logan has such a sarcastic sense of humor and he knows how to make Kelsey laugh. Doesn’t she have the best smile?! They were such an easy couple to photograph because their connection is so natural.  

Kelsey & Logan had their first date at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. so it was only fitting that we go there for some photos!

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Chris + Betsy :: {Love in the Mountains}

When Betsy suggested that we go to Red Lodge for her engagement session, I definitely agreed! Anytime I’m in the mountains I am a very happy person! Winter sessions may be cold, but that’s what makes them perfect for engagement photos. It gives couples a great reason to snuggle! After a few hours of being outside, I’m sure Betsy & Chris were a little numb, but they never complained once. They took me to all their favorite spots in and around Red Lodge and the views were just breath-taking!  Love-in-the-Mountains

Love in the Mountains

Betsy & Chris have been dating for a couple years and it all started as a friendship. I actually met them at the beginning of their relationship when they were in the bridal party of another wedding. It’s always fun working with people you already know because it helps to ease into the photo process. Both Betsy & Chris said they hate having their photo take, but once we got going I realized they were complete naturals, all I had to do is get them laughing. Their connection is so authentic and sincere. They were truly meant to be together!

I have to give all the credit to Betsy for bringing these fun props & ideas for her engagement session. How creative and cute!!

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New Year Love :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

Marcus proposed to Halley on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve ~ exactly one year before he was saying ‘I love you’ for the very first time. Pretty romantic guy, huh?!! They are so sweet together and I’m so excited that they’re engaged!!!


New Year Love – Halley & Marcus

When I asked Halley & Marcus how long they’ve been together, they weren’t too sure of the answer. They were friends before they fell in love, and so it just kind of happened. I guess when you feel that way about someone you can’t ignore it, even if they are “just your friend.” But even if I hadn’t met Halley & Marcus before, I would totally put them together as a couple. They just fit so perfect!

It was 1º during their session, but -11º with the windchill and these two didn’t complain once! I told them the frostbite would be worth it when they saw these photos, I hope they agree!

I had to include some funny outtakes from their photo shoot… not all engagement sessions are serious!!

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Anna + Peter :: {Winter Wonderland Session}

Anna & Peter asked for a Winter Wonderland engagement session and they definitely got it! The giant snowflakes made for a beautiful & romantic backdrop. The cold weather made them snuggle a little closer and they had the brilliant idea to end the session at a brewery! Not a bad way to end a photo session if you ask me!


Anna & Peter’s Story

They were set up by a mutual friend when Peter was living in Colorado and Anna was attending college in Montana. The friend told Peter that he needed to move back to Montana so he could date her friend. Apparently her match-making skills paid off because before long, they were dating!

Anna & Peter dated long-distance for almost 3 years and then they realized that Skype videos & phone calls weren’t enough. So Peter moved to Montana to be with Anna. What a good man! During one of their golf dates, Peter proposed to Anna, and surprised her with all her friends and family too. They are just the sweetest couple and have a connection that is undeniable!

I think all photo shoots should end with a beer! Oh, Uberbrew, you never disappoint!

Rustic Senior Portraits :: {Spencer – Class of 2017}

Spencer, like most guys, does not like having his photo taken so we did a session where he’d feel most comfortable – near the mountains. I love how rustic these photos turned out! Spencer looks like belongs in a cologne commercial or something!!


Rustic Senior Portraits in Red Lodge, MT

Spencer is a stud to say the least! He’s into ski-racing and last summer he worked for the Forest Service. He told me he’s counting down the days until he’s done with high school, but isn’t quite sure what’s in store for him after that. I think that no matter what he decides to do he’ll be great at because he such a down-to-earth guy with a good head on his shoulders. His parents should be proud of the man they raised!


Spencer’s dog, Doc, decided to jump in a few photos too! Check out that hair!


Spencer’s family came along for the session so we did some nice portraits of them as well. They’re such a fun group!


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