New Year Love :: {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

Marcus proposed to Halley on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve ~ exactly one year before he was saying ‘I love you’ for the very first time. Pretty romantic guy, huh?!! They are so sweet together and I’m so excited that they’re engaged!!!


New Year Love – Halley & Marcus

When I asked Halley & Marcus how long they’ve been together, they weren’t too sure of the answer. They were friends before they fell in love, and so it just kind of happened. I guess when you feel that way about someone you can’t ignore it, even if they are “just your friend.” But even if I hadn’t met Halley & Marcus before, I would totally put them together as a couple. They just fit so perfect!

It was 1º during their session, but -11º with the windchill and these two didn’t complain once! I told them the frostbite would be worth it when they saw these photos, I hope they agree!

I had to include some funny outtakes from their photo shoot… not all engagement sessions are serious!!

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